Friday, 21 November 2014

Celebration of Style event

Last weekend a huge fashion event was held in Liverpool across 3 days featuring different talks, exhibitions and a fashion show. I visited the seminars which were part of the Influence of Style event at the Titanic hotel, where big names from the industry gave talks about working in fashion etc. People such as, Justine Mills, the founder of Cricket boutique in Liverpool, Lorraine McCulloch, stylist, buyers from Matalan and a digital expert from Matthew Williamson. The talks were very influential as I had a chance to gain an insight into what a role in the fashion industry is really like and how these people got there. As well as the talks there were little stalls on such as Benefit, free makeovers, Nails inc, manicures, Matalan talent team, Andrew Collinge academy, free hair styles and many more.

Later that night the Cricket Fashion show was held at the Cunard building, the building itself was full of character making it an lovely setting for the show. I actually helped out backstage at the fashion show which was an amazing experience but unfortunately I didn't get to watch the show myself. The clothes that the models were wearing were amazing, everything from Givenchy to Celine, this was probably the closest I'll get to these designers clothing for a long time! At the end of the show, Kelli Leigh performed which we rushed out to watch, and at this point I spotted Rosie Fortescue and Chloe Green on the front row! Overall the show was amazing and it was a fantastic event to celebrate the style in Liverpool, I can't wait for next year!

Olivia x

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Camel Tones


Camel by oliviaball featuring a black fedora

The camel coat is a classic and must have garment for every wardrobe, each season it seems to make an appearance proving how timeless it really is. Whether its the classic tailored style, a boyfriend fit or the trench it is worth investing in one. Layer it with a simple all black outfit and you will be set for this Winter.

Olivia x

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Wearing/ Suit

I dragged this out of the back of my wardrobe the other day and surprisingly it is from Primark. I bought it a few years ago and don't think I've ever worn it. It looks lovely on with a pair of heels or even some flats in the day!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Interrail Diary - Rome

The disappointing trevi fountain!

Our final stop of the trip was Rome, I've wanted to visit Rome for a long time as does everyone! It's such a crazy place, we gave ourselves 4 days here to make the most of the end of the holiday. We stayed in Trastevere which is just outside of the centre, the little Trastevere village itself is such a lovely place and you could easily spend a day here just wondering around all of the little markets, cute shops, cafes and bars.
I planned to see every little bit of Rome, I didn't want to miss anything, like in every place we had visited, however this was very tiring, especially after 3 weeks of non stop walking in the boiling heat. There were a few things that let our time in Rome down, such as the Trevi fountain being closed for renovation, I know its just a fountain but its such a big tourist attraction I was excited to see it! Then the Roman forum was on strike, we still saw lots of ruins anyway, and then I was refused entry to the Vatican because my knee's weren't covered up. Anyway we still made the most of our time here and visited lots of interesting places.
In Rome we basically walked everywhere and found everything ourselves, we stumbled across several church's which you would not expect to be so extravagant when you walk in. We also found lots of nice shops, new areas I didn't know about etc. We also found some nice parks which were completely empty off the beaten track, this was one of my favourite things to do whilst I was away as I got to see places that I hadn't planned and I'll always remember.
Inter-railing was the best holiday I've ever been on due to the amount of new places I visited, I can't wait to re-visit all of them in the future as I'm sure there are things I've missed out on! It was so fast paced and crazy 24-7 but I loved every second of it. I'd definitely extend my time if I go inter-railing again and have longer periods in each place to see much more!

Interrail Diary - Florence

Next Stop in Italy was Florence, we didn’t have long in Florence but we wanted to fit it in even if it was only a very short time! The night we got there we went straight out for tea and ate in a little Italian, so much pasta! We then stumbled upon a big parade at the Basilica, which was interesting to see, we still aren’t sure what it was actually for but the city was bursting with people! Something I also didn’t know was that fashion week was just finishing in the city so this meant different fashion events going on around the centre. There was a lovely exhibition at the Gucci Museum, where they projected a video onto the building whilst playing music, so this was nice to find. There was also a vintage car show on showcasing lots of different classic cars.

The following day we got up early and tried to cram as much in as we could, we went to the top of the Duomo, which provided us with amazing views over Florence, we went to the top of the tallest building in every city so we couldn’t miss out in Florence! We also went to the top of the Bell tower which wasn’t as high but again amazing views and an interest walk up the both of them. We wandered around the city and if you’re looking for the best food in Florence go to All Antico Vinaio, the sandwiches here are amazing and they are huge, at only 5 euros each! I can't wait to go and visit Florence again as it was a lovely city especially in the sun,

Olivia x

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Interrail Diary - Venice

We left Bled for Italy very early one morning, this was a bit of a strange journey as we went in a mini bus, we drove across Slovenia to Venice which was a bit of a change to all of the trains. I’ve wanted to visit Venice for a while as I think everyone does, it’s so different to everywhere else! It was nice to be able to just walk around everywhere and be surrounded by water and gondola’s not cars! I was mainly excited about all of Italian food! 

We visited all of the main attractions such as St. Marks Square which was very busy, full of people and pigeons! For the 3 days we were there we basically wandered around every street we came across, it’s hard to actually follow a map around Venice, pretty much impossible, you basically have to leave it to chance on what you find!

We ate lots of lovely food in Venice, one of the best pizza’s I have ever tried was from a small take away place called, Antico Forno, theres always a huge queue outside, it’s that good! Another good place is Suso Gelatoeca if you’re looking for real Italian gelato! I can’t wait to go back to Venice one day as it was such a lovely place and somewhere I’ll always remember.