Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Interrail Diary - Vienna

Our fourth stop on the trip was Vienna, this was more of a stop off point because of a long journey, we only really had one and a half days here, however we were glad we did. Vienna is a lovely city, the architecture of the buildings is amazing and it was again different to everywhere we had been. On the morning of our one day there we visited a little breakfast place called, ‘Corn n Pops’, I would recommend this to anyone looking for somewhere unique for breakfast. They have a muesli bar with all kinds of different cereals, and they make amazing waffles also! We visited all of the main sights in the centre, a little off the beaten track place we visited was the Belvedere Palace, this was round the corner from our hotel and you wouldn’t even realise it is even there! The palace is huge with amazing gardens surrounding it, it’s such a nice place to visit for a relaxed walk.


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