Sunday, 7 September 2014

Interrail Diary - Rome

The disappointing trevi fountain!

Our final stop of the trip was Rome, I've wanted to visit Rome for a long time as does everyone! It's such a crazy place, we gave ourselves 4 days here to make the most of the end of the holiday. We stayed in Trastevere which is just outside of the centre, the little Trastevere village itself is such a lovely place and you could easily spend a day here just wondering around all of the little markets, cute shops, cafes and bars.
I planned to see every little bit of Rome, I didn't want to miss anything, like in every place we had visited, however this was very tiring, especially after 3 weeks of non stop walking in the boiling heat. There were a few things that let our time in Rome down, such as the Trevi fountain being closed for renovation, I know its just a fountain but its such a big tourist attraction I was excited to see it! Then the Roman forum was on strike, we still saw lots of ruins anyway, and then I was refused entry to the Vatican because my knee's weren't covered up. Anyway we still made the most of our time here and visited lots of interesting places.
In Rome we basically walked everywhere and found everything ourselves, we stumbled across several church's which you would not expect to be so extravagant when you walk in. We also found lots of nice shops, new areas I didn't know about etc. We also found some nice parks which were completely empty off the beaten track, this was one of my favourite things to do whilst I was away as I got to see places that I hadn't planned and I'll always remember.
Inter-railing was the best holiday I've ever been on due to the amount of new places I visited, I can't wait to re-visit all of them in the future as I'm sure there are things I've missed out on! It was so fast paced and crazy 24-7 but I loved every second of it. I'd definitely extend my time if I go inter-railing again and have longer periods in each place to see much more!

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