Saturday, 6 September 2014

Interrail Diary - Venice

We left Bled for Italy very early one morning, this was a bit of a strange journey as we went in a mini bus, we drove across Slovenia to Venice which was a bit of a change to all of the trains. I’ve wanted to visit Venice for a while as I think everyone does, it’s so different to everywhere else! It was nice to be able to just walk around everywhere and be surrounded by water and gondola’s not cars! I was mainly excited about all of Italian food! 

We visited all of the main attractions such as St. Marks Square which was very busy, full of people and pigeons! For the 3 days we were there we basically wandered around every street we came across, it’s hard to actually follow a map around Venice, pretty much impossible, you basically have to leave it to chance on what you find!

We ate lots of lovely food in Venice, one of the best pizza’s I have ever tried was from a small take away place called, Antico Forno, theres always a huge queue outside, it’s that good! Another good place is Suso Gelatoeca if you’re looking for real Italian gelato! I can’t wait to go back to Venice one day as it was such a lovely place and somewhere I’ll always remember.


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